How to… Wrap Supermarket Flowers in a Pretty Way

I know, I know, I should be promoting local florists (including myself!) and not local supermarkets. But sometimes you need to cut back on expenses or sometimes you haven’t got a florist nearby and you want to present a friend hosting a dinner party with a pretty bunch.

We don’t necessarily want our friends to know we dropped into our local Tesco Express and spent less than a fiver on them so here’s a cheeky hack to trick friends and family into thinking you picked them yourself or really splashed out.

You Will Need

A small posey or a couple of bunches of supermarket flowers

A rectangle of brown paper or tissue paper

String, raffia or ribbon


What to do:

  1. Cut your flowers out of the plastic
  2. Snip the ends at a 45 degree angle (see my conditioning flowers post for more info)
  3. Pick off any leaves or flowers that look a bit damaged
  4. Arrange the flowers in your hand into a small bunch
  5. Place the bunch at the top left hand corner of the paper and make sure you can see the corner of the paper behind it
  6. Pick up the top right hand corner and bottom left corner
  7. Pull the right corner over the left and make sure they make a clean line so you don’t see the corners of the paper
  8. At the bottom of the bunch, where the stems all meet, decisively bunch the paper with one hand.
  9. With the other hand, wrap the string around a few times and finish off with a pretty bow

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